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Friends, hope you all are preparing well for the upcoming SSC CGL exam for the year 2013. We, the team of Hacerneto has decided to help you to boost your preparation. So we are providing you with some study materials and expected questions for the exam.Before going into the details of syllabus and materials, lets have an overview of SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Exam. They conduct this exam in 3 stages (or Tiers). Those are Tier I, Tier II and Tier III.

Tier I : This is the first exam. This is what you are going to write on 14th or 21st April 2013. The paper is of 200 marks comprising the following sections (1. General Intelligence + Reasoning, 2. General Awareness, 3. Quantitative Aptitude, 4. English Comprehension). You should complete the paper in 2 hours.

Tier II : After qualifying Tier I exam you should appear for the Tier II. This too is of Multiple Choice Questions and consists of Maths and English. Maths is of 200 Marks (2hrs duration with 0.5 -ve marking) and English is of 200 Marks (2hrs duration with 0.25 -ve marking).
Note : If you’re applying for Statistical Investigator Grade-II, then you also have to appear for statistics paper (Paper III ) too. Thats also of 200 marks.

Tier III : If you clear Tier II also, then they will call you for Tier II. This is nothing but Interview. You may have Computer Proficiency test as well as skill test along with the interview.

This is the over view friends. Now lets concentrate on Tier I.

As we have already discussed Tier I consists of 4 sections. Lets have a detailed look along with the study materials.

Quantitative Aptitude :

For Aptitude, the syllabus is almost same as Bank Exams. So our Apti Shortcut materials surely will come in handy to you. Apart from these topics additionally you should prepare Trigonometry, Linear Equations and Geometry (no need to be worried. We will update shortcut notes on each and every topic). Now lets see study materials of Apti section.
  • Basic Maths Shortcuts
  • Speed Improvement Techniques
  • Common Aptitude Topics
  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry Formulas

Quantitative Aptitude /Numerical Aptitude PART 1

Reasoning :

Reasoning section will be of SBI Clerical level.  They will ask questions on topics like Analogies, Odd Man Out, Word / Sentence arrangements, Ranking, Coding-Decoding, Syllogism, Blood Relations, Directions etc.
English :

English is also will be of same difficulty level as SBI Clerical Exam. They ask questions on Antonyms, Synonym/Substitution, Idioms, Spelling, Comprehension, Sentence Correction and Rearrangement, Voice, Direct Indirect speeches etc

General Awareness :

This is one of the crucial areas which decides your selection. The reason is, they not only ask questions from Current Affairs but also will ask from various areas like Geography, History, Indian Polity, Economy and General Science. So you have to get good knowledge in all these areas. 

(Attached Earth and Universe‐Solar system‐Atmosphere hydrosphere, lithosphere‐Monsoon, rainfall,
weather and climate‐Water resources ‐rivers in India‐Soil, minerals & natural resources‐
Natural vegetation‐Forest & wildlife‐Agricultural pattern, livestock & fisheries‐ Social geography
– population‐density and distribution‐Natural calamities – disaster management‐)
(Attached History and culture of India
South Indian history‐Culture and Heritage of Tamil people‐‐Advent of European invasion‐
Expansion and consolidation of British rule‐Effect of British rule on socio‐economic factors‐Social
reforms and religious movements‐India since independence‐Characteristics of Indian culture42
Unity in diversity –race, colour, language, custom‐India‐as secular state‐Organizations for fine
arts, dance, drama, music‐Growth of rationalist, Dravidian movement in TN‐Political parties and
populist schemes‐ Prominent personalities in the various spheres – Arts, Science, literature and
Philosophy – Mother Teresa, Swami Vivekananda, Pandit Ravishankar , M.S.Subbulakshmi,
Rukmani Arundel and J.Krishnamoorthy etc. Latest diary of events – National‐National symbols‐Profile of States ‐Eminent persons & places in news‐Sports & games‐Books & authors ‐Awards & honours‐Latest historical events‐‐India and its neighbours ‐ Appointments‐who is who? 
Early uprising against British rule‐1857 Revolt‐ Indian National Congress‐Emergence of national
leaders‐Gandhi, Nehru, Tagore, Netaji‐Growth of militant movements ‐Communalism led to
partition‐Role of Tamil Nadu in freedom struggle ‐ Rajaji, VOC, Periyar, Bharathiar& Others‐Birth
of political parties /political system in India since independence


(Attached Constitution of India‐ Preamble to the constitution‐ Salient features of constitution‐ Union, State

and territory ‐ Fundamental rights‐ Fundamental duties‐ Human rights charter‐ Union
legislature – Parliament‐ State executive‐. State Legislature – assembly‐ Status of Jammu &
Kashmir‐. Local government – panchayat raj – Tamil Nadu‐ Judiciary in India – Rule of law/Due
process of law‐ Indian federalism – center – state relations‐ Emergency provisions‐ Elections ‐

Election Commission Union and State‐ Amendments to constitution‐ Schedules to constitution‐
Administrative reforms & tribunals‐ Corruption in public life‐ Anti‐corruption measures – Central
Vigilance Commission, lok‐adalats, Ombudsman, Comptroller and Auditor General of
India‐ Right to information ‐ Central and State Commission‐ Empowerment of women.)

(Attached Nature of Indian economy‐ Five‐year plan models‐an assessment‐Land reforms & agriculture‐
Application of science in agriculture‐Industrial growth‐Role of public sector & disinvestment‐
Development of infrastructure‐ National income Rural welfare oriented programmes‐ Social
sector problems – population, education, health, employment, poverty‐ HRD – sustainable
economic growth‐ Economic trends in Tamil Nadu ‐ Energy Different sources and development‐
Finance Commission ‐ Planning Commission‐ National Development Council)

Current Affairs :FULL PDF

(Attached History-Latest diary of events-national -National symbols-Profile of States-
Eminent persons & places in news-Sports & games-Books & authors -
Awards & honors’-India and its neighbors
Political Science-1. Problems in conduct of public elections-2. Political
parties and political system in India-3. Public awareness & General
administration-4. Welfare oriented govt. schemes, their utility
Geography--Geographical landmarks-
Economics-- Current socio-economic problems
Science-Latest inventions on science & technology)

(Attached Conversion of information to data‐‐Collection, compilation and presentation of data Tables,
graphs, diagrams‐Analytical interpretation of data ‐Simplification‐Percentage‐Highest Common
Factor (HCF)‐Lowest Common Multiple (LCM)‐Ratio and Proportion‐Simple interest‐Compound
interest‐Area‐Volume‐Time and Work Decision making and problem solving‐Logical Reasoning‐
Puzzles‐Dice‐Visual Reasoning‐Alpha numeric Reasoning‐Number Series‐ Logical
Number/Alphabetical/Diagrammatic Sequences)

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